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Charli Xcx After The Afterparty (feat. Lil Yachty)
Bella thorne eyebrows

It is a truth universally acknowledged that your eyebrows are the most important part of your face. Everything else can be a total wreck, but if your eyebrows are looking right and tight, you're already winning. 

One way people are making sure their eyebrows look amazing around the clock is by getting them "tattooed" on. Former Disney channel star, Bella Thorne fully subscribes to the tattooed eyebrow trend because she Snapchatted her experience and it was seriously magical.

Now, it's not traditional tattooing with a vibrating needle and off the charts pain, but the process is still rather meticulous. Individual strands of Bella's eyebrows are drawn on for a more realistic look and honestly, we need her eyebrow person's mobile number, stat. 

Bella completes her look without batting an eyelash and gets a bit of tint to match her signature red hair as well. Anyone out there thinking of getting their eyebrows tattooed on? Don't sweat it, kid, it's hella easy.

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