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Barb Stranger Things Self Harm

Over the past year, we've seen a lot of actors and artists open up about mental health and other important body issues to their fans but there's rarely a word spoken about self-harm. That was until Shannon Purser - aka ya home girl Barb on Stranger Things - opened up about a pretty serious health issue.

Shannon took to her Twitter on November 7 and posted a striking image of a razor blade with an accompanying caption.


She followed up the powerful tweet with this:


The tweet sparked a massive response from her followers and other people who have dealt with self harm, all of whom were grateful for the visibility.






It's so important for people to hear others talk about serious topics as such as self harm, and particularly even more so from an actor on the most talked about TV show in the world right now. We seriously applaud Shannon for using her platform to discuss a topic like this.

Speaking to ET after posting the tweets, Shannon said: "I'm so happy to be able to help other people by talking about my struggles. I guess I'd just say, 'You're worthy of love, valuable, and beautiful. You can and will get through this.'"

What did we do deserve to this babe?

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