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It's a universally known fact that some of us were not blessed with the same flawless makeup abilities as others. It's a constant struggle, but one day we'll get there. This one goes out to you.

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1) First things first… there's a 95% chance that you have ZERO IDEA of what your actual foundation shade is.

Logo TV / via giphy.com

2) And Primer? You've never used it.

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3) Ok, well... you used it once. And it made you feel like you had 17 layers of make up on your face.

Never again.

TLC / via giphy.com

4) You would rather stick needles in your eyes than suffer the intense trauma of contouring your face. 

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5) And that one time you eventually tried it, you ended up looking like this... 

Comedy Central / via giphy.com

6) This is the most accurate representation of you trying to do a smokey eye. 

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7) Eyeliner is a notoriously tricky minx even the best of them… but it’s an unspoken rule that it's a no go for you. 

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8) You’ve literally NEVER walked into a MAC store.

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9) And that one time you did, you were so overwhelmed by all the colours and potential that you literally just walked out.

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10) You always swatch the shades when you’re in a shop but do you ever REALLY know what for? 

KylieJenner / via instagram

11) And lip liner is another no go area for you.

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13) You’ve blinded yourself with the mascara wand on too many times.

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16) But the worst of all? There’s nothing more painful in this life than removing a face of perfect makeup.

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I just wanna be alone with my concealer, ok?


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