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Ariana Lipsy Header

Last week, fashion brand Lipsy started teasing a new ~INTERNATIONAL CELEBRITY COLLECTION~ on their Instagram and now the truth has been revealed. HIYA ARIANA GRANDE! 

Ariana Lipsy Collection Headre

Lipsylondon / instagram.com

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Before the reveal, the campaign totally got people from all around the world speculating about who it was going to be...

Until they posted this picture, giving the entire game away. White Nails, heart tattoo, signature ring, red string bracelet?

Ariana Lipsy Collection

Lipsylondon / instagram.com

You can't fool the Arianators, Lipsy!

What can we expect?

It's so great getting to collaborate with Lipsy to do something special for my fans. The line is youthful, affordable and I know my fans will love it.

Ariana Grande

1) The good sis is about to give your summer wardrobe the Grande treatment with a 20+ piece collection. GURRRLLLLL BEEN BUSY!

2) There'll be Daywear, there'll be Prom Dresses (obvz) and there'll be *Oprah voice* PARRRRTTTWEAAARRRRR! 

3) It's basically a super affordable line so you have 3 costume changes at her next concert.

4) Pieces will cost an average of £35. 

5) There's also a jewellery line.

6) Fingers crossed for some killer fluffy pom pom heels in the mix too. Come thru, Ari.


When is it dropping?

Ariana Grande for Lipsy will be available online and in UK stores on March 2.


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