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Math homework asset

Math is just the worst. 

Sorry to all the mathletes out there but I've got to keep it real. 

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That's why, when we heard about an app called Photomath, we almost wished we could go back to high school math class and finally get that 'A' we deserve. Key word being 'almost'.

Sure, there are loads of places on the internet that give you answers to your homework, but the way Photomath works is straight up genius. 

via thetechnews

Take a picture of the math problem and an answer comes up instantly. What's even more helpful is that an explanation for the answer is available for everyone who has a "show your work" type teacher. 

We're definitely in the habit of posting about apps that help with school, so be prepared to add this one to your list of apps you can't live without. 

Don't say we never gave you anything! 


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