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Angelica Pickles

According to Urban Dictionary, a 'Savage' is a completely out of control, brutal, ahead of her time bada$$. Angelica Pickles is a world renown savage and to be quite honest, she's too savage for you.

First of all, she's not afraid of spilling that scolding hot tea on ANYONE. 

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SAVAGE RATING: 6/10 - like, if a Queen can't shade their loyal subjects every now and then, who can?! Really?

And she is always around to dish out the harsh truths of life.

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SAVAGE RATING: 5/10 - those dumb babies needed putting in their place tbh.

She's far too successful and business savvy to even acknowledge you.

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SAVAGE RATING: 7/10 - true Queen in her prime. BADA$$$$$$$.

A true savage knows the sweetest things in life are those that you pry out of the hands of others.

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SAVAGE RATING: 9/10 - stealing cookies from a baby requires both nerve and talent. Two things that Angelica oozes.

Even in the face of the unsinkable Susie Carmichael, she held her nerve.

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SAVAGE RATING: 8/10 - don't get it twisted, you'll get messed up.

She knows the only person worth appreciating this world is herself.


SAVAGE RATING: 3/10 - the Queen will reign while others fall in the shade.


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She is NOT afraid to run a peasant down.

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SAVAGE RATING: 9/10 - NEVER cross Queen AP!

She'll sniff out the fakes and phonies from a mile away!


SAVAGE RATING: 9/10 - who has the AUDACITY to come for Santa Claus like that?! A savage... that's who!

Adults? What do they know!?

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SAVAGE RATING: 6/10 - she's ahead of her time and she knows it.

She successfully built an empire that left people speechless in her presence. 


SAVAGE RATING: 8.5/10 - like, has anyone really come close to such savagery ever since? 

Any savage worth their salt would NEVER work in such obvious ways...


SAVAGE RATING: 9.5/10 - she's not above physical violence but she definitely draws the line at stealing.

She has absolutely no concern for anyone else's wellbeing.

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SAVAGE RATING: 15/10 - ultimate savage.

The bottom line is, she's the original BAD B*TCH... and you all know it.

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