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American Horror Story Season 6

Another day, another tease about American Horror Story's long awaited theme for its sixth season but today is different. We finally have a breakthrough in the case.

The twelve possible teaser trailers have now been officially narrowed down to SIX! 

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But there's a plot twist: It looks like the correct trailer will not even be theme of the entire season. *eye roll* 

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FX and Mercedes Benz have started running a competition inviting fans to vote for which ever trailer they think will be represented in the season premiere. Yep, you read that right, "represented". So even if someone does get abducted by an alien at a camp site in the first 5 minutes of the show, the theme could be something completely different. Six teasers have been officially been singled out for fans to place their bets on. Here they are: 

Is it this one? (It better not be!)


Is it this one? (Maybe... but how boring.)


Is it this one? (Don't be silly - this is basically just Asylum!)


Is it this one? (OMG PLZ BE THIS ONE!)


Is it this one? (Most plausible, tbh.)


Is it this one? (What does this one even mean?)


Think you know which one it is? You can enter the competition here. The prize is a nice new shiny car, a pair of tickets to Los Angeles and a trip to the set of the very show that will be the death of you! How thoughtful. 

(P.s. There's now four teasers that feature aliens. Our money is low-key on that.)


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