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Vampire Weekend A-Punk
Josh Dun

Does anyone else daydream about being best friends with Josh Dun? Think of it. It would be pun-central and we would have the time of our lives. 

Here is why Josh Dub would make an amazing bestie.  

1) Look at that smile. If you were his bestie you would see this smile all the time. 


2) Josh seems like a very attentive friend, tbh.
Josh and Tyler


3) He can do a funny... 


4) And he can also introduce you to ASAP Rocky.

5) He clearly doesn't mind getting up close and personal (which is ideal). 

6) And you would definitely get to meet Halsey. 

7) And because we are low-key conspiracy theory buffs too.


8) Also, please introduce us to a Kangaroo, Josh.


this could be us but you playin'

A photo posted by jøsh dun (@joshuadun) onJul 4, 2015 at 2:13pm PDT



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