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Because being tall at gigs is already a tough job, footballer Peter Crouch figured out an easy solution. 

The notoriously tall Stoke City player was the height of nonsense at Kasabian's concert on Saturday night. Celebrating their 3-2 victory against Arsenal at the weekend, Peter was in the crowd of the band's last show at O2 Academy Brixton. 

He was singing along and getting up to shenanigans, where he was spotted by Viner Josh Chambers.

At some point he ended up on top of the crowd and, much to the apparent struggle of people around him, got passed around a bit.

Eyewitness reports state that "when lying horizontally on top of the crowd, Peter Crouch stretches from end-to-end of the room" (not true, but probably true).

It's hard to see just exactly what it looks like from the Viner's perspective, but we've put together an artist's (rough) interpretation of the event for you.

At least he wasn't doing this.


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