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Flamur Ukshini - Zayn Malik Lookalike

In a miraculous turn of events, Zayn Malik's shaved hair has grown back overnight.



A photo posted by Flamur Ukshini (@flamuruk) onApr 18, 2015 at 7:15am PDT

Or not. Meet Flamur Ukshini, a student and part-time model from Kosovo, who is an ALARMING dead-ringer for the ex-1D singer.

23 year-old Flamur was originally unaware of either the resemblance or even Zayn, admitting to the Daily Mail: "when people on the street wanted to take pictures with me I was surprised, but then I started to realise that I look very much like somebody I don't know and who has to be famous."

"It started to happen when they got famous and when I started to post pictures on Instagram."

Seriously, the resemblance is nuts. 

Zayn/Flamur Side-By-Side

Directioners have since swarmed to Flamur's Instagram while the real Zayn has been keeping a low profile, and his profile now has over 60,000 followers and climbing. In the comments of every photo are people who believe he's a dead ringer, some that refuse to see it, and a few that seem to think he's some bizarre hybrid between Zayn and his former band member Liam.

Personally, we're all for having a spare Zayn around. HE'S EVEN GOT THE STRAND.


Ello #flamurukshini #menswear #menstyle

A photo posted by Flamur Ukshini (@flamuruk) onMar 11, 2015 at 11:59am PDT

We're not quite sure what to do with the information that there is a Zayn clone kicking around Eastern Europe, but for now: Hellooooo...


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