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Star Wars Trailer - Lucas Edition

George Lucas might not be in control of the 'Star Wars' universe anymore, but the less popular parts of his legacy live on.

Less than a day after the release of the first teaser for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens on Friday, YouTube creator timtimfed created a recut that imagines how the teaser might have looked like if Lucas ever got his hands on it. Of course, it's suitably horrifying.

If you weren't aware, the former Lucasfilms generalissimo has a reputation for tampering with his films long after they had first been released, adding a lot of unnecessary CGI where it doesn't belong - in fact, it's now very hard to find a version of the first three films that hasn't had stuff like this shoehorned into it:


The new trailer edit has a lot of references to these changes; a cameo from CGI Jabba, added rock walls that get in the way of the action, Anakin Skywalker's ghost (ARGH) and a TIE Fighter armada that will melt your brain from how silly it looks.

Check out what could have been, and be thankful that we're safe - at least, until the anniversary re-release in about twenty years.


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