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Twenty one pilots xmas

Bieber's done it. Buble's done it. Even The OC has done it. So, what other Xmas albums are we dieing to see become a reality? Here's some ideas...

1) Fall Out Boy - From Under The Christmas Tree

FOB xmas

Featuring "Sugar (Plum) We're Going Down".

2) Twenty One Pilots - FurryFace

Twenty one pilots xmas

Featuring "Stressed Out (Because My Whole Family Are Over At The Same Time)".

3) Halsey - Bad(Lap)Lands

Halsey xmas

Featuring "New (Year's) Americana".

4) Paramore - All We Snow Is Falling

Paramore xmas

Featuring "That's What You Get (When You're On The Naughty List)".

5) The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful And Also It Means That Santa Is Coming Soon

1975 xmas

Featuring "Chocolate (Log)".

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