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whatdog brendon

So there's a great website called, doing the very noble job of identifying different breeds of dogs based on a submitted user photo.


Adorable. And what a useful tool for pet lovers everywhere.

Here's the thing though - you can put any photo in there. 

So, turns out Brendon Urie has been a labrador retriever all along.

whatdog brendon

Josh Dun is a secret Border Collie.

josh dun dog

John Cena is actually much smaller than he appears.

john cena dog

How about Zoella?

zoella dog

Tay Swift is pretty accurate.

Taylor swift dog

Although this one proves that it may be broken...

pitbull dog

And this one...

hound dog

Clearly a hound.

Is this one accurate?

dan and phil dog


halsey dog

Although this is just sad.

pepe dog

And, again, inaccurate.

scooby dog

Although we may have accidentally found a new campaign poster.

bernie dog

Didn't realise they were so similar...

trump dog

At least one candidate stands out!

hilary dog

Troye is pretty dead on.

troye dog

But our personal favourite is this description.

matty dog

"Protruding Eyes".

Find out what dog you are over at and share your findings below!



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