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Who Is The TØP Dad In The Clique?

We searched through the crowd at Twenty One Pilots' London shows to find the number 1 Dad in the clique. How well do these daddys know their TØP?


We checked out Twenty One Pilots' recent London show and found a surprising mix of people in the crowd...

Including a LOT of TØP Dads!


Nice hat sir - we salute you.

But how do we know if these Dads are real fans or just nice parents taking their kids to see their favourite band despite having never listened to them? 

Well, we put these Dads to the test in order to find the one true TØP Dad, asking such impossible questions like....

1) How many people are in Twenty One Pilots?

2) Can you name their albums?

3) Complete the lyric: "All my friends are Heathens..."

Ya know, tough stuff...

Check out how the Dads got on in our Twenty One Pilots quiz video above.

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