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TØP Ariana Grande Billboard Music Awards

It's always a bummer when your favourite band wins at an award ceremony but can't be there to receive the award themselves. It's like turning up to a wedding and neither the bride or groom have bothered to come. 

That's exactly what happened with Twenty One Pilots at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas last night (22 May) who won Top Rock Artist and Top Rock Album for Blurryface but couldn't be arsed to turn up (jk we're sure they had a good reason).


So to make up for this, we rounded up all the best photos from the evening and photoshopped them in because we have no chill. Don't @ us.

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Here they are waiting to take a selfie with precious smol bean Troye Sivan on the red carpet. 

Troye Sivan and TØP



Troye Sivan and TØP 2


Reunited with bae. And Lucy Hale.

Halsey TØP


Apparently Madonna likes Blurryface but Steve is more into Regional at Best.

Madonna Stevie Wonder TØP


Collecting an award with bad gal Riri. 

Rihanna TØP


Because Tyler and Josh are dangerous women too.

Ariana Grande TØP


Here they are with Eminem.

Justin Bieber TØP


We think our work here is done...

The Weeknd TØP


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