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Emo is not dead. It will live on in all of us. Just because you can't rank your favourite tracks of the week on MySpace anymore, doesn't mean they don't still speak for your tormented heart. Right?

Further proof that you never really got out of your emo phase - you can still relate to at least five of these.

1. You actually considered getting “It’s not a phase!” tattooed to save you from saying it so often.

2. Waiting a full year for Warped Tour tickets to go on sale, only to have your parents refuse to let you go.

3. Jeans so tight you couldn't remember what having legs felt like.

4. Everything was Skelanimals and nothing hurt.

5. You could quote the entire Nightmare Before Christmas backwards, but you still didn't get extra Lit credit.

6. Never being able to do your eyeliner as well as these people.

7. Screaming "WHAT A SHAME THE GROOM'S BRIDE IS A ..." at the top of your lungs, only to be let down by the clean version ending.

8. Using MySpace and LiveJournal as your actual diary until an IRL friend adds you on there.

9. Having to cut your own bangs with kitchen scissors and never achieving that perfect scene kid look.

10. Using this as an actual pick-up line.

11. You really felt betrayed by Gerard Way's Danger Days era look.

12. But the real blow came with news of MCR's breakup.

13. Watching this video made you really consider a future career as a wall.

14. Trying to find a username as deep and dark as your soul, but all of them were taken.


15.Trying to act like your soul wasn't a swirling pit of emotion all the time. Failing miserably.


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