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Fall out boy cake

Your Cake by Victoria created this incredible Panic! themed sweet 16 cake incorporating the band's first four albums.

And it's genuinely beautiful.

Incredible effort!

Although, the homemade ones online are equally fun (and delicious).

In fact, there are lots of pop punk themed cakes you could make for yourself.

How about a FOB birthday party?

We demand this for our next bday.

There's a few MCR ones too!

A cake you can cosplay alongside! How about All Time Low?

What are Alex's eyebrows made out of?

If you've got some green icing, you know there is only one choice:


And when you turn 23, you have to do this:




Or you could just go for a cake that isn't cake:

What other pop punk heroes would you like to eat in cake form?

Let us know all your tasty ideas!



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