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So this is weird.

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz took to Twitter earlier this week, posting a particularly cryptic message to fans.


That link leads to the below video, detailing a strange conspiracy that Pete Wentz is in fact dead and has been replaced by a clone.

Yes, sorry FOB fans, it turns out Pete actually died back in 2010 and has been replaced by an imposter. And you know this info is legit because it came from a YouTube account entitled "Dead Celebrities & The Illuminati".

But what evidence is there to support the claim? Well for a start, this photo comparison shows a slightly lower shot of a back tattoo:

What more evidence do you need?

And yeah, ok, Pete did tweet about it but if you were a clone and your entire cover had just been blown, wouldn't YOU pretend it was all a joke?

The real question is this - does Patrick know?

Wiffle Gif

More details as we get them FOB fans.


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