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Jessie Ware If You're Never Gonna Move Two Inch Punch Remix
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You think you know Panic! At The Disco. But you don't REALLY know them until you've heard their songs without any music!

The YouTube geniuses over at House Of Halo have followed up their hilarious Twenty One Pilots edit with this new music-less version of Panic!'s "This Is Gospel" video, complete with full surgical instructions and doctor dialogue. It's basically an emo episode of Grey's Anatomy.


It's what Brendon would want. 

Although, as good as this is, we kinda really want to watch a music-less version of the solo-piano video. You know, the one with all the stuff falling. 

Wiffle Gif

Imagine the noise of all that liquid-based nonsense!

Panic! At The Disco return to the UK later this month for a sold out arena tour.

Watch the music-less take on "This Is Gospel" below:

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