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Netflix and Stare at the Wall

Just because we have Netflix and Tinder, doesn't mean the dating game has gotten any easier in 2015. In fact, some of the biggest Tindersasters out there make us cringe with second hand awkwardness. We plumbed the depths of the internet for the worst dating strategies imaginable and here's what came up.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, do this.

Everyone knows that P!@tD's "When the Day Met the Night" is the only acceptable first date serenade, duh.

Revisiting the same place with different people - way too risky.

Worst Dates

*forever cringe*

Trying for some Netflix and chill - when you don't actually have Netflix.

For that lone Beach Boys stan.

This one isn't so much terrible, as it is utterly terrifying. Twitter has no chill.

This. Ew. Seriously, why would you?

Probably don't do this, idk.


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