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Everybody knows that any successful and powerful friendship group needs a 'mum'; a friend that embodies all the qualities of a mum, except they're not embarrassingly bad dancing. Are you the mum of your friendship group?

1) You’re always the first one at the top of the phone tree.

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You don't go to sleep until you've had a 'Home Safe' reply from every. single. one. of your friends. 

2) You’re the fixer.

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Boy troubles? I gotchu! Inter-squad drama? it’s handled!

3) You’re ALWAYS the one with the camera on a night out.

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And everyone relies on you to delete the incriminating evidence and upload the goods the morning after.

4) You’re always in charge of organising the group chat.


It's colour coded, easy to read and everyone listens when you start talking. SUCH POWER.

5) You’re the one who always comes prepared with tissues and aspirin should anyone in your tribe need it.

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Such a great mum move.

5) You’ve ALWAYS got snacks in there too.


For emergency purposes. Obvz.

6) In fact, the content of your bag would aid you very well in a zombie apocalypse.


Your friends are lucky to have you, tbh. 

7) If you’re hosting the squad sleepover, you’ve got all the blankets and snack issues covered.

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You've been preparing for this moment your whole life!

8) You’d rather spend your night watching old Grey’s Anatomy glory days reruns than hit the dance floor for the second night in a row.

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A Fairy Squadmother needs her down time.

9) You’ve ALWAYS got your eye on a great bargain.

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Gotta get those discounts!

10) You’re always the first to handle the bill in a restaurant. 


Your squad trusts you to split it fairly and equally.

11) You know about the wonders of Daytime TV.


Nothing fills you with more joy, tbh. 

12) You’re always the one to defuse any confrontational beef on Twitter or in real life.

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And like any professional mum, you are not afraid to go OFF.

13) You’ve bought something for a friends because ‘it reminded you of them’.


Haven't you?

14) You can remember the birthday of your old best friend from when you were like, 5. 



15) Your most valuable advice? Drink a glass of water between every vodka shot.




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