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pop punk heights

We've all wondered it - just how tall is that guy in that band? You might have been watching a video where they towered over their bandmates or wondering to yourself how you would look stood beside them in your fantasy prom picture.


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Well fear not fanboys and girls as we have rounded up a few of our fave male performers and found out just how tall they really are. Here are the results - look upon them and weep!



1) Pop Punk

pop punk heights

Patrick Stump 5' 5"

Brendon Urie 5' 9"

Billie Joe Armstrong 5' 7"

Alex Gaskarth 6'


2) 5SOS

5sos height

Michael Clifford 6'

Calum Hood 6'

Luke Hemmings 6' 4"

Ashton Irwin 6'


3) Twenty One Pilots

twenty one pilots height

Josh Dun 5' 5"

Tyler Joseph 5' 9"


4) Solo Artists

solo artist height

Troye Sivan 5' 8"

Justin Bieber 5' 9"

Drake 6'

Kanye West 5' 8"

Zayn 5' 9"


5) Frontmen

frontmen height

Olly Alexander 5' 9"

Matty Healy 5' 8"

Oli Sykes 6' 1"

Dan Smith 6' 1"

Any other heights you wanna know? Let us know below.


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