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goat asset

A recent study suggested that goats are under increasing pressure to look their best. Experts believe this is leading to high rates of anxiety in goats, as demonstrated in clips like this. 

To explore how goats are being objectified around the world, we commissioned photographers in 6 countries to photoshop a picture of the same goat to reflect the beauty ideals for goats in their own countries.

Here is the goat without photoshop.


This is what happened when the goat was photoshopped in England.

english goat

France's results are very interesting.

french goat

Germans prefer their goats with a pint of Dunkelweizen.

german goat

Americans favoured a patriotic goat.

american goat

While Canada opted for a lumberjack aesthetic.

canadian goat

And finally, Australia. 

Oz goat

Wow! Haven't we learnt so much? Let's all stop objectifying goats and hope this study helps them feel empowered and improve their body confidence. Ain't that right, Adele?


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