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The wonderful world of fan fiction gets explored in great detail by two of our favourite twitter accounts, dedicated to quoting the finest stories about members of Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.

Fall Out Boy Fanfics (@fobfanfiction) warns the band members in its bio "If any member of Fall Out Boy actually sees this please turn back for your own sake."


Wise words.


I mean, this stuff gets deep pretty quick.


And there a few special guests...


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Even Yeezus  


Ah, French - the language of love.




Anyway, once you've had your fill of Pete and Patrick shipping, you can head over to the sister account, @mcrfanfiction.


Don't worry, things get just as crazy.


Poor old Ray seems bored of it.




Oh and don't worry, they have special guests too.


And a few questions are raised.


World is shattered. 

Keep up the good work guys! Loving all the stories.



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