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Holy fuck! The day has arrived. GCSE results were finally announced today (25 Aug) and you're probably feeling a bit emosh. That's perfectly normal. If you need to have a breakdown that's totally cool with us. Just don't snot on me, okay?

Whatever your results, the is almost definitely a reaction gif for you. For example...


1. The moment you open the envelope...



2. For when it didn't go to plan.

Hang in there bbz!


3. When someone asks you why you did so badly in French.



4. When someone mentions the word 'retakes'.



5. When you haven't done as well as expected and a friend insists on bragging about their results.



6. When you've done better than your teachers expected.



7. For when you've absolutely killed it.

beyonce formation world tour


8. And the whole squad did well too!



9. But then you realise you start college in two weeks and you're like...



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