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Ed Sheeran EMA Host Photo

Today (30 September), Ed Sheeran took to Facebook to make a MAJOR announcement. 

Following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, Ed has announced that he, his giant lion tattoo and actor Ruby Rose will be hosting the 2015 MTV EMAs (Europe Music Awards). 

We know that this gig is a hot pot of controversy and known for its outlandish outfits. And if former host Miley Cyrus is anything to go by, Ed will really take things up a notch so... 

Here are ten shocking things we can expect the ginger haired song bird to wear at the EMAs.

1) A check shirt.

Ed Sheeran EMA Host Photo


2) A different check shirt.

Ed Sheeran Check Shirt 1

What will the parents say?!

3) A check shirt and a...BASEBALL CAP!?

Ed sheeran Check Shirt 7


4) Another check shirt (and this smile).

Ed Sheeran Check Shirt 6

Imagine the complaints.

5) This check shirt (and the tears of 1000 children).

Ed Sheeran Check Shirt 8


6) More check shirts (and some sports equipment).

Ed Sheeran Check Shirt 3

Twitter will go BANANAS!

7) A check shirt.

Ed Sheeran Check Shirt 2


8) Another more extreme check shirt. 

Ed Sheeran Check Shirt 5

This kid is out of control. 

9) This check shirt, formerly owned by the Marquis De Sade.

Ed Sheeran Check Shirt 4

Where are his parents?!

10) A Suit...

Ed Sheeran Suit (Check shirt)

We're sure this is when leagues of rilled up viewers will switch off.

Of course, we're joking (kinda...). 


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