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drisella kokane

Meet Drisella Kokane.

She's a different kind of drag queen. The kind of drag queen that survives on a strict diet of champagne, cocaine and gasoline (and most things in between). She's not a big fan of shirts and can do a mean back flip. And with all this talent, there is just one question that keeps bugging us...

Why hasn't she entered drag race yet?

drisella kokane

Here's why she'd be the perfect contestant for next season.

1) She knows how to dish out important life advice.


2) She already has her very own merch line.




3) She brings all the real talk on a regular basis.


4) She already rolls like a baller on a fancy private jet.


5) Like, regularly.


6) She makes those high heels WORK!!!


7) ...oh and she's already got the perfect sassy catchphrase sorted.


Sashay you stay Drisella!

So, why hasn't she entered Drag Race yet?

Wiffle Gif

The campaign starts here.

If you are lucky, a wild Drisella Kokane may appear over at the snapchat of her good friend, Brendon Urie.


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