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Max Pope The Operator
walking dead

We know you - you're a busy person with places to be and people to see. You want to get from one venue to the next as quickly as possible. The only thing standing in your way is slow walking guys like this:

If you are elderly, injured or actually a zombie then fine. Otherwise - move! 

And every time it happens, it goes the exact same way.

1. You try to squeeze past but the gap is too small.

2. And you can't get their attention because they are too plugged in to their phone.

3. So you wait patiently for a gap big enough to appear...

4. But after a while, you start to get angry...

5. ...and a little desperate.

6. Maybe you can dive into the road and sneak past them?

7. that a gap? 

8. Quick, before it closes!!!

9. Mission accomplished. You nailed it!

See you next time slow-walker! We won't be beaten.


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