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Banks This Is Not About Us
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Yep, same. But don't worry, we're here to inspire the sh*t out of you on this miserable Monday morning with the help of that glorious little internet wonderland called Tumblr. Sit back, scroll down and we guarantee by the time you're done, your Monday will no longer be blue.


You are so close to beating that next Boss Level!


May you get to experience this satisfaction today and everyday.


And may your day be as flawless as Adele's eyeliner wings.


Anything is possible, kids.


Why be boring cup of tea when you can be a glorious Mexican liquor?


This is most inspiring thing we've ever heard in our lives...



You don't need these negative people in your life!


Intimidate your haters, no one needs to know you've put two 5's in the same row.


Follow the light... you'll always find your way out of the basement.


ALWAYS aspire to be the embodiment of fries in the bottom of the bag.


Your future is so bright, you should probably be wearing shades.


Way too inspirational to handle right now.


Wake up with this mentality and you can destroy the world.


There is no greater test.


And remember, you are a work in progress. Andy Dwyer said so.


We got you!


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