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You may remember Third Eye Blind from every 90's movie ever - they did that song "Semi-Charmed Life"? The one that goes "doo-doo-doo, doo-doodoo-doo"? Yeah, there you go.

We were amazed to learn today that not only are they still active, but they know who Beyoncé is. Sort of kidding. But their cover of Bey's sexy slow-jam "Mine" is actually pretty decent.

Third Eye Blind's new album Dopamine, their first album in six years (they were active six years ago too?) will be available from June. So if you need your fix of mid-late 90's dad rock, they're promoting the link to the physical CD on Amazon; because of course they are.

Also, people who are still fans of Third Eye Blind in 2015 are just about as insufferable as you might expect:

Third Eye Blind Fan

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