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Artwork of Kanye 'Lil' Ye' West by Ali Graham

Critics and fans of Kanye West alike have described him as many things - but before now, 'adorable' probably wasn't one of them.

UK Artist Ali Graham has created 'Lil' Ye and the Hip Hop Hoorays', a single-purpose blog where he takes lyrics from some of Kanye's biggest tracks and draws adorable, slightly literal interpretations.

The possibilities are endless:

Lil' Spartan Ye "keeps it 300".


Lil' Gay Fish Ye enjoys his fishsticks after "South Park had 'em all laughing".


And Lil' Romantic Ye was "Bound to fall in love" with Lil' Kim (not that one).


Best of all, Kanye's not the only player being added to the blog. Lots of his hip-hop pals are getting the Lil' Ye treatment.

Rihanna's friends with the monster under her bed.


And Beyoncé doesn't think you're ready for this jelly.


Ali's lil-ye blog promises daily illustrations, so be sure to follow and get a daily dose of Kanye cuteness on your Tumblr dashboard.

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