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Kendrick Lamar i Video

The music video for Kendrick Lamar's 'i' has landed. The track is the the first single from his forthcoming second album and we couldn't help but notice that Kendrick seems to be on a one man mission to bring back jigging. There is LOTS OF JIGGING. 

Kendrick gets to the club.


He starts jigging and his confidence starts to grow quickly.


He goes to an alley for privacy.


Jigging practice.

And then back out on the street again.


Because he went 0-100 real quick, it all becomes a bit tiring.

But wait, there's a rooftop party that needs some jigging.


Must. Keep. Jigging.

Meanwhile, out on the road again.


Nailed it.


(via tumblr)

Here's the full video in all of its amazing glory.

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