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Kendrick Lamar

One particular "Bad Blood" character that didn't get involved in all the physical action was "Welvin Da Great" - Kendrick Lamar's alter-ego seemed more content to sit behind a control panel and spit rhymes.

But it looks as though K. Dot's more than making up for it in the shoot for his upcoming video "Alright". Spotted by passers-by in L.A., Kendrick was hooked up to a near-invisible wire rig, and rapping animatedly on top of a really high traffic light above a busy street.

Breaking Spotify records, joining Taylor Swift's crew and now doing his own stunts - is there anything K. Dot can't do?? 

Kendrick spent some more time hanging from wires earlier this week, when the "alright" shoot took him to the Bay Area, in a style fairly similar to his first Compton-based video for "King Kunta".

"Alright" is presumably his next single from March's surprise release To Pimp A Butterfly, and was co-produced by Pharrell Williams. 

Check out another video from the stop-light shoot below.


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