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Banks This Is Not About Us
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian MTV VMAs 2015

As you all probably know, last night saw the annual MTV Video Music Awards take place and, as usual, it was a night of shade throwing, cray-cray performances and red-carpet glamour. 

But if last year's event and the video of Blue Ivy dancing proved anything, the cameras really should be pointed towards the audience. 

Luckily, MTV haven't failed us as they've caught this BEAUTY of a moment. 

So you know Kanye West, yeah? You know how he's normally so stoic, quiet and basically refuses to smile? 

Well, during The Weeknd's fiery performance of "I Can't Feel My Face" last night, the rapper can be seen throwing some SERIOUS moves. Watch the clip below. 

Oooohh, you GO Kanye. Slay that arm swing!



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