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Charli Xcx After The Afterparty (feat. Lil Yachty)
Us the duo x Taylor Swift

We're aware that people may have reached *peak* Taylor Swift, especially after Ryan Adams dropped his 1989 covers album. In fact, you might feel like you never want to hear a Taylor Swift cover again. 

But, dear friends, don't be so hasty as over the weekend we heard this cover of "Shake It Off" and it kinda changed our lives. 

The cover was used in the latest episode of hit TV drama Grey's Anatomy, and O-M-G it's beautiful. A little internet digging (obvs) later and we'd found out that the cover was in fact performed by two of our favourite viners, husband and wife musical group Us The Duo. 

Here is one of their vines. 


On YouTube, the cover of "Shake It Off" is accompanied by a rather emotional video tackling internet trolls and comments that people leave on social media, which we think is a hella important issue to raise. This, matched with the softer, slightly melancholic cover of Tay's classic is completely lovely. 

Watch the inspirational video and listen to the beautiful cover below. 


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