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Tyler Joseph Gifs Third Wheel Struggle

We're gonna go ahead and say it - TØP's Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have the perfect bromance. Obviously we don't know anything about their lives and all, but that Disney video pretty much sealed their fate as our ultimate friendSHIP.

But even in the best duos, there can be a little uncertainty every once in a while. A little jealousy to shake things up. Sometimes you're just third wheelin'. You know that struggle and so does Tyler. 

1. When you and your buddy are just broing out together.

2. And it's just the two of you, 5eva.

3. ...until they start hanging out with someone new...

4. And you have to pretend you're cool with it.

5. But on the inside, you're like...

6. Before you know it, they even have their own secret handshakes. Did you even figure out your secret handshake?

7. And you're a lonely smol bean, just wondering wtf happened.

8.You try really hard to get it together.

9. Cos in the end you'll always stick by them.

10. And that's why you're BFFs (Best Frens Forever.)


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