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Honestly, we're trying so hard to contain our TØP fangirling here at PopBuzz, but the duo just won't let us. Not only did Tyler and Josh release the video of their trip to DisneyWorld yesterday (hilarity ensued), today also happens to be a certain Tyler Joseph's birthday. This calls for a celebratory poutine, at the very least. 

But we've done one better. Just to say "Hapoy Birthday, you sweet cinnamon roll!" we've curated this collection of fan art, proving that the TØP fandom are a ridiculously talented lot.  

1. Josh and Tyler as wee baby cinnamon rolls, in honour of Tyler being a year older today.øp

2. This amazing drawing of present Josh and Tyler because we wish we had the talent.

3. This ridiculously cool piece of typography, displaying TOP lyrics in all their glory. 

Twenty One

4. Beautiful internet babies Tyler and Josh.

5. Nothing could be better than actual TØP, except maybe cartoon TØP.


6. This one's really getting in the TOP spirit.


7. Recover with some TOPdogs. Because the internet.

8. And here's some birthday adorableness for your life.

Happy birthday, Tyler! And happy fandom day to us all!


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