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heathens court case

Skeleton Clique, you can sleep easy tonight. The war is over... 

New York Law Journal reports that Atlantic have dropped their lawsuit against Reddit over the leak of TØP's "Heathens" from the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

Atlantic Records

Previously, the record label had filed a suit against the website demanding the release of IP addresses connected with the song's leak which occurred a week before the set release date. Atlantic claimed they had lost revenue due to planned exclusive promo deals with Spotify and Apple Music.

The track was uploaded to Dropfile and then posted by a Reddit user named "twentyoneheathens".

But now, Atlantic's lawyer has filed a short letter closing the petition against Reddit with no further action to be taken against the site.

heathens lawsuit letter

New York Law Journal

According to the letter, the fight with Reddit is over because Atlantic now already have enough evidence as to who leaked the track. No word yet though on who that might be.

So - who was "twentyoneheathens"? A hardcore fan? A record label employee? Jared Leto? Or...maybe it was...

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Hmmmm. Who knows?

We'll keep you posted as the story develops!


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