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Twenty One Pilots kicked off their Emotional Roadshow last month, an epic jaunt across the US, Canada, Australia and a brief stop in Europe in support of last year's "Blurryface" album. 

But you already know all of that - you want to know the numbers dammit! So, let's break down the Emotional Roadshow by the numbers so you've got all the useless facts you could ever hope for about Tyler and Josh.


The Emotional Roadshow: By The Numbers 

1) Venues Played: 107


2) Cost Of Attending Every Show On The Tour: $45 (average) X 107 = $4815 (plus travel, hotel etc).


3) Days On The Road: 312

His Majesty's Coach

4) Cost Of Tour Bus For 312 Days: $1300 (average) X 312 = $405,600


5) Songs In Setlist: 29

Twenty One Pilots

6) Number of songs you know ALL the words to: 29 


7) T-Shirt Price: $30

Twenty One Pilots


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8) Cost to buy every item of Tour Merch: $535

Twenty One Pilots

Just shut up and take my damn money!


9) Cost of Josh's "Good Dye Young" bottle: $13.99

Good Dye Young


10) Cost of two black balaclavas: £3.95 each.


Just Paintball


11) Confetti Canon: "Call for details" (probably a few hundred to hire).

Confetti Magic


12) Total attendance of upcoming New York shows: 40,000


13) Cost Of Tyler's Giant Hamster Ball: Probably a little bit more than this one.


Yeah, that looks about right!


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