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Troye Sivan Blue Neighbourhood Grab

On Tuesday (13 October) precious porcelain baby Troye Sivan announced the continuation of his world dominance in the form of Blue Neighbourhood, his first full album. 

This was us after the announcement. 

Paramount Pictures/

Of course we've got our album on pre-order and we've been listening to "Talk Me Down" on every streaming platform imaginable.

But Troye wasn't content with us losing all chill. No, Mr. Sivan also revealed a teaser video for the album. Here are the most important moments from said clip.

1) This.

Troye Sivan/YouTube

2) And of course this.

Troye Sivan/YouTube

3) Oh, and this.

Troye Sivan/YouTube

4) This blew us away.

Troye Sivan/YouTube

5) This moment was AMAZING. 

Troye Sivan/YouTube

6) And this. 

Troye Sivan/YouTube

7) Finally, this. 

Troye Sivan/YouTube

Watch the full Blue Neighbourhood trailer below.


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