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Troye Sivan Billboard Music Awards

In case you missed it, Troye Sivan took to the stage at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas last night (May 22), SLAYING the competition in the process. Troye was singled out as 'Kia's One To Watch' ahead of his appearance on the awards show and his performance proved exactly what PopBuzz already knew - he is A-MA-ZING. 

Smol bb Troye shared the stage with some MAJOR pop icons including (God)ney Spears and someone called Rhenna (?) as he belted out an upbeat version of his hit 'YOUTH' where he was surrounded by more lasers than Zayn's 'Like I Would' video could ever dream of. 

So. Many. Lasers!

In the build up to the performance, Troye called the opportunity "life-changing". "I've been on this journey over the last couple years - I'd say for myself - becoming the person that I've always wanted to be," he continued. "To have that pinnacle moment so far by being 'Kia's One To Watch' at the Billboard Music Awards? Yeah it's really, really surreal."

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Watch Troye's INCREDIBLE performance below:


After the performance, Troye took to Twitter to express his gratitude and made us all cry in the process. 





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