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There's this new popstar. Think she's called Adele. Apparently she's become quite popular and even sold a few copies of her most recent album. Good for her. She'll no doubt go far.

But seriously kids, by now you are all probably sick of hearing "Hello", undeniably great tune that it is, after it's endless radio play and frequent circulation in every coffee shop, hairdressers, wedding chapel, funeral parlour and Santa's grotto with access to an Itunes account. 

Well prepare to give it one more try as YouTube cover genius Anthony Vincent has put a pop punk spin on things, giving his own Green Day circa "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" era inspired take on the track. And it works surprisingly well.

Check out Adele's "Hello" in the style of Green Day below:

So "Hello" just became listenable again and you've got a pretty good reason to revisit American Idiot.

Well done everyone!


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