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Twenty One Pilots Reading Festival NEW

Listen, we're all bound to get a little bit over excited when we're face to face with our favourite bands in the middle of a concert crowd but Twenty One Pilots just experienced something at a UK Festival that took things way over the line. 

Tyler and Josh took to the stage at Reading Festival on Friday night (Aug 26) to play a set that was reportedly met with technical failure and security issues. 


As explained above, Tyler's attempt to climb the platform was blocked by security so he decided to crowd surf to it. The video below shows him emerging on the platform with a ripped shirt and also includes him telling Josh to end the show.


#RespectTylerJoseph began trending soon after their set and the Clique are absolutely FURIOUS. 











Literally unacceptable from security and festival goers. We all know how wild TØP gigs can get but there is absolutely no excuse for artists to be treated like that.

We hope the guys are alright and are not put off of their show on Saturday night (Aug 27) at Leeds Festival. 



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