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My Chemical Romance Reunion

UPDATE: After 24 hours of speculation, it was confirmed to be a re-release of "The Black Parade". As you were everyone, time to once again whip out that black mourning veil that you've been wearing since 2013.


Guys… something is happening and we’re not sure what is but it’s all kicking off over on My Chemical Romance’s official twitter account. 

We *think* they might have just announced their comeback - or a potential re-release that will coincide with the 10th anniversary of their iconic album “The Black Parade”. 

If you don’t believe us, watch this and see for yourselves.


A flag flying in the wind. "Welcome To The Black Parade" playing in the background. And then a date appears: 23rd September. What does this mean?! It's not the only thing that's appeared on the profile either. There's a brand new profile picture and header image with the letters 'MCRX' which almost certainly confirms some kind of 10 year anniversary event is about to go down. 

Needless to say, Twitter has melted:









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