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Michael Clifford Eyebrow Piercing

First it was Luke's lip piercing, then it was Ashton's haircut. We almost lost Calum to a look-a-like agency thanks to US Olympian Nathan Adrian (don't argue with us - they're identical, ok?) and now Michael has sparked international outcry by appearing on stage without his signature eyebrow piercing.


Michael went out on stage sans eyebrow piercing at 5SOS' most recent show. He *thought* he could give his brow a rest from its pierced lifestyle for a couple of hours without any hassle or drama. He was wrong. #RIPMichaelsEyebrownPiercing soon began trending on Twitter and the fandom flipped the eff out.


There was confusion at first as the fandom couldn't quite get their head around the sudden change.


Fans were shocked and upset, the denial was running deep and it was taking over.


It was as if their entire existence had been a lie.


Petitions were called to order.


Threats were made.


There's now a #SaveCalum movement.


No one really knows what the bloody hell is going on - is it permanent or what m8? #Conspiracy


Either way, no one is okay.


Don't cry because it's over (it's not, btw), smile because it happened...



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