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We haven't been to a Melanie Martinez fan event (yet) but we're sure as hell gonna buy a ticket when she next rolls into our town.

Our precious cry baby performed an extra-special set for fans at The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo in Melbourne and it looks like our idea of heaven! Small venue, stripped-back set, and a hella lot of selfies. This is the type of event fangirl dreams are made out of. Seriously. TAKE ME THERE. TAKE ME THERE NOW.

Two lovely fans recorded the songs and uploaded them to YouTube and they're pretty good quality, so we thought we'd share with you. We love hearing the fans sing along, they even do the backing vocals for "Mrs Potato Head". It's so cute!

Shout out to The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo Facebook page for the image!


"Pity Party" 

"Mrs Potato Head"


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