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matty healy coachella

As you may have noticed, this past weekend was the first leg of legendary Instagram-friendly desert fest Coachella and The 1975 stormed the main stage on Sunday with a set packed full of hits.

Much songs, very wow.

In fact, Matty had a great time both on stage and off. Let's take a little look at how he spent his glamorous weekend in the sun.


1) He scribbled all over his stomach.


2) He lounged by the pool with George.


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3) He had a Twitter flirt with Olly Alexander from Years and Years.


4) He rocked a superb pair of Hot Dog swim shorts.


5) He wore a towel for pictures.


6) He got on the red wine.


7) He whipped his hair back and forth.


8) He pulled some truly glorious faces.


9) He managed to not mock George's outrageous look.


10) Oh, and he played some tunes.



Same time next weekend Matty?


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