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In new music news, the internet has done something awesome today. There's a producer/YouTube channel out there, whose music sounds like your phone's music folder got tossed in a washing machine and this is what came out.

That's how mashups are made, right? 

Yes, it's a mashup. A mashup of Halsey's "Young God" and Twenty One Pilots' "Car Radio". Did you know you needed that today? Me neither. BUT WE DO. 


This mashup makes perfect sense because, honestly, no one should ever have to choose between the two. File this under "Instant Ear Worm". 

Actual ear crack.

How has no one thought of this before? Seriously, get on that collab, music industry. We recommend playing this one on long car rides and grooving the f- out of your road trip/work day/chem class. 


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