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On Sunday night (Aug 14), Halsey played one of her last shows on the Badlands Tour to a sold out Madison Square Garden arena. But just before that, she started posting blank white squares to her social media accounts (kinda like a clean slate) with no captions and fans were SHOOK.

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WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Has she quit social media by going blank? Is she preparing to launch a brand new aesthetic? Will there be a new album?!

At the end of the MSG show, Halsey walked off stage. Two seconds later, a message appeared on a white screen:


She then tweeted this:


And followed it up by retweeting this from 2014.


Honestly, we're shook now too. Not only is it clear that Halsey's next chart topping album is on the way, it's pretty damn obvious that she's been planning this ENTIRE thing from the very first moment she dropped the 'Room 93' EP back in 2014. From 'Room 93', to the 'Badlands' and now onto the next chapter. But where are we going? 

What is the the first track on the 'Badlands' album? Castle. And what are the lyrics to Castle? 


And the last track on the 'Badlands' album? Young God. And what are the lyrics to Young God?


The tweet above combines the lyrics of Young God with this tweet from 2014. She's literally been dropping hints about the narrative of her albums since 2014.  



So basically, we've escaped the Badlands and we've made it to Kingdom and the fans can't handle it.





See ya later, Badlands...


We'd like an ice cold cocktail waiting for us in 'The Kingdom' when we arrive - along with a brand new album plz. 



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