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Well this is bloody exciting.

Saturday night (6/11), Halsey joined our other PopBuzz faves, LANY, for a very special performance in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Half way through the LANY track, 'ILYSB', singer Paul Klein gestures to someone side of stage to come on, and that person just happens to be Halsey. Cue lots of screaming and one fan who jumps on stage for a selfie. Lol!

Here's the video:


Can we also take a moment to appreciate that they called Halsey, 'Frang'. We're going to refer to Halsey as Frang from now on. Frang, Frang, Frang.


LANY and Halsey have some history, having toured together back in 2015. Nice to see they're still in touch and turning up for each other's shows. Let's make a collaboration happen on record, guys!


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